• Massachusetts is a direct access state, meaning; a physician’s physical therapy prescription is not required for treatment.
  • DeBruin Physical Therapy, LLC accepts Medicare as the primary insurance, Tricare, and GIC/Unicare. 
  • For all other insurance plans DeBruin Physical Therapy is an Out-of-Network provider. A superbill can be generated for potential reimbursement by insurance. Note: Some insurances may require preauthorization for out of network providers. Understanding individual insurance plan benefits is the responsibility of the patient. Payment is due at the time of service.
  • DeBruin Physical Therapy, LLC chooses to be an Out-of-Network provider because it emphasizes quality of patient care over quantity of patient care. Quality care is achieved by one on one treatment sessions with an expert clinician. Quality care produces faster positive results thus decreasing the amount of treatment sessions needed.

Here is an example of cost breakdown between an Out-of Network/Cash PT vs Traditional PT. Please note these numbers are NOT actual pricing for DeBruin Physical Therapy, LLC.

Cash PT Traditional PT
Cost Per Visit $125 Co-Pay $40
Number of Visits 4 Number of Visits 12
Total Costs $500 Total Cost $480
Time Spent with the PT 240 Minutes Time Spent with the PT
(15 per 30 minute visit)
Cost per minute $2.08 Cost per minute $2.67

It’s important to remember that if a patient hasn’t met their deductible, they may get stuck with the entire bill at the end of their PT case if they are attending a traditional PT practice.


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Physical Therapy Evaluation (60 minutes): $150

Physical Therapy Treatment Session (60 minutes): $95

Wellness Evaluation (60 minutes): $150

Wellness Treatment Session (60 minutes): $95

Red Cord Suspension Training (60 minutes): $95

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