Here are just a few of the most recent testimonials/recommendations Dr Laura DeBruin has received:

The choice of a healthcare professional is not an easy one. Over the years I have experienced several injuries that have required physical therapy. I can say without hesitation that Laura Debruin provided a level of service that was unlike anything I have received in the past. I say this for a number of reasons…

Laura takes the time to understand why you are seeking treatment, in a nutshell she listens. Laura not only listens to what you are verbally communicating, but also listens to your body and its presentation. She assimilates all of this information and thinks before she leaps into pressing a course of action. This is an uncommon trait in todays world of cookie cutter rehabilitation.

Laura explains in razor sharp detail what she believes is contributing to your deficits and motor dysfunction. However although she is quite detailed she makes sure that she communicates to you in an easy to understand fashion while repeatedly checking in to make sure that you the patient fully grasp what is contributing to and exasperating your condition.

Laura expects you to make progress. This may sound like a no brainer but all to often (in my experience) the health of the business is put before the health of the patient. I have been to rehabilitation facilities that try to sell you on a “package of visits” before they have even assessed you. Laura could not be more opposite in her business philosophy. She expects you to have success and to that end she demands that you be a willing partner in your own healthcare by making sure that you have ownership of the rehab exercises that she assigns and holds you to it.

To summarize Laura is a professional in every sense of the word and she has instilled in me a belief that with proper rehabilitation and a commitment to my health I can return to form and function.

Jason Warner MS

Excellent clinician and educator who is dedicated to providing her clients the best PT experience. Outstanding!

Dave Bostic

Owner, Physical Therapist (FAAOMPT), Connecticut Physical Therapy Specialists

Amazing. If you want to rid yourself of pain and actually fix your ailments I highly recommend.

Melissa Mcintire

So knowledgeable in her field and works wonders with sport related issues to get an athlete back out where they want and need to be. Highly recommend this practice and feel confident doing so.

Kelly Shaker Prenosil

I highly recommend DeBruin Physical Therapy for all your recovery needs. Dr. Laura DeBruin is a devoted scholar who has accumulated nearly 20 years of therapeutic knowledge and experience. Dr. DeBruin is highly recognized as a leader in her field.

Paul Gangemi

I am extremely grateful to the person who referred me to DeBruin Physical Therapy, to think I almost gave up.   Dr. Laura DeBruin’s individual approach,  with focused personal attention along with option for various treatment methods (I love Red Cord, Manual Therapy) have made all the difference ~ the pain and spasms are gone and I now have strength and increased mobility.

My story ~  My daily discomfort became everyday pain and developed over time to the inability to sit or stand for more than 20-30 minutes without discomfort and pain.   Additionally, I started to walk with a slight limp which was now very pronounced.  The Orthopedic Surgeon took x-rays and then sent me to Physical Therapy (next door to him).  Eleven weeks later (and a lot of $) ~ no improvement.  The Doctor then suggested Cortisone shots (where I asked hip/back?), discouraged they could not even guess what is the root cause, I decided no shots and to take a break and live with the pain. 

A good friend recommended, when I was ready to try again, to see DeBruin Physical Therapy.   The minute I walked in her office I felt comfortable and relaxed.  She was up front on her rates and I was so impressed with the initial evaluation it was so in-depth and she was personable listening to my journey and history.  She did what I felt was a comprehensive review (so much better than my last experience of checking a piece of paper with yes/no questions).   She reviewed my X-rays and test results and she was confident this was muscular and I had two issues going on both hip and back.  We started weekly sessions and I was introduced to the Red Cord method.  I was so excited the way it allowed me to work my muscles.  We recorded the exercises that I could do at home the recording helped so I could hear her coaching words – “feel the push thru toe “ “focus to keep hip extended arms up straight”.    At the beginning of each session we would have a quick chat and then focused on the continuing improvement or working a new area (it wasn’t the same thing each visit it was personally tailored to my current status). 

Laura offered different options for Therapy  (Red Cord, Manual Therapy, Dry Needling) all of which help make major improvements.  I can walk with strength and many times without the limp and most important no pain and no muscle spasms any more.  I would recommend her without any hesitation and wish there were more like her in the world offering a personal and holistic approach.

Judy Golab

When planning my 9th ACL knee surgery I knew that I needed an experienced physical therapist and was not looking for an agency setting.  In my past recoveries I found most PT agencies treated several other patients while working with me at the same appointment time.  Dr. DeBruin is completely unique to that, as she spends the entire session working solely with the client.  I found the sessions to be informative, hard work, and progressive in my recovery.  Dr. DeBruin not only treated my injury, she treated my knee recovery in conjunction with treating my whole body.  She took into account I was 6 months post partum and breastfeeding, modified my program to accommodate for weakened joints due to this and additional exhaustion with a newborn at home.  The Red Cord system she used was low impact, yet garnered significant progress in a short amount of time.  Then the real work came…Dr. DeBruin followed my doctor’s treatment plan diligently and pushed me to achieve the goals set in my recovery plan.  She listened to my body and allowed me to back off some sessions if necessary.  Dr. Debruin understood that I had to mentally recover too, as I had been limping and accommodating for lack of an ACL and significant trauma from an infection for over 5 years.  I had to work on my strength, gait, and break through the fear that my new ACL would not hold up to plyometrics and weight bearing exercises.  Instead of dreading physical therapy appointments, I looked forward to my sessions with Dr. Debruin, I learned alot from her about my injury and recovery and honestly her dedication to my recovery made me want to succeed.  A year later and I’m back on skis, running, and keeping up with my kids.  Dr. Debruin keeps in touch as well and follows up if I have any questions or concerns with my knee.  I don’t think I would have been as successful in my recovery without her expertise that is clearly far above any previous physical therapy I have obtained.

Eileen B

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